Korineum Golf and Country Club

Korineum Golf and Country Club has been a long time in the planning and development stages but when you see the amount of effort that has gone into literally transforming the entire massive site, you realize just why it took so long! The visionary behind the creation of this fantastic Golf Course and Country Club has positively and significantly shaped the future of North Cyprus.

Based out to the east of Kyrenia on the way to Esentepe and past Alagadi Beach, tucked away in the foothills of the Five Finger Mountain Range, Korineum is a lush and verdant green oasis. The entire natural landscape has been molded, honed, prettified and perfected so that anyone setting a foot through the impressive entrance gates of the Golf and Country Club feels as though they have been teleported into another world!

The perfection and pristine nature of the grounds, the gardens and the Club House is testament to the dedication of the entire team behind the creation of the Golf Course and is a complete credit to all those involved with the smooth management and ongoing running of Korineum.

In terms of what's on offer - well there are 18 challenging international standard holes, the Course is Par 72, there are 3 academy holes and a driving range, there is the Korenium Golf Academy, a Pro Shop where you can hire or buy equipment, purchase clothing and memorabilia and then there's the Club House. The Club House is an impressive and beautiful building; it houses everything from a full fitness centre, spa, hairdresser, massage parlour and sauna to conference facilities, meeting rooms, bars and restaurants.

The membership options are quite comprehensive - you can have diamond or full membership, family, junior, corporate, academy or leisure membership and packages are also available for those coming to North Cyprus on holiday who just want a few rounds of golf. The website is quite hard to find though, so here's a link to it: - www.korineumgolf.com it has all the contact information you need as well as membership forms and details of the different dining and leisure facilities that you can have access to in addition to the Golf Course itself.

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