Northern Cyprus is a fantastic place to stay on holiday; there is so much see and do.

You have the most amazing Cyprus beaches, both deserted and lively. There is some of the best scuba diving in Cyprus. There is fabulous boat tours leaving from the harbour. You have quad bike safaris and for the most daring Para gliding from the top of the mountains.

Northern Cyprus has an abundance of restaurants and bars, from typical Cypriot and English foods to every nationality of the world. The restaurants vary in quality from some amazing five star restaurants to good value eateries and cafes. Please see the links below to see a selection of some of the restaurants that we recommend.

Good bars and pubs are everywhere in North Cyprus. In Kyrenia, particularly around the harbour where there is an array of quality bars, you can sit out in the beautiful climate and setting. There are also lots of English style pubs run by ex pats across North Cyprus, there are several within 5 minutes of the Villa.

There are lots of interesting places to visit from Kyrenia town & harbour, to the amazing Belapais village & abbey Cyprus (a must see). You have the stunning views from St Hilarion Castle, and the amazing ancient city of Salamis with its stunning ruins. Why not visit the deserted beaches on the Karpaz peninsula (the Pan Handle) and call to see the ancient city of Famagusta with its walled city and old town? You must see the Ghost town (the original resort of Famagusta which has now been deserted for over 30 years and is a UN Buffa zone between the north and south of the island). You get a great views of the deserted city from Palm Beach, which is open to tourists.

I hope this gives you a good idea of why Northern Cyprus for your holiday, and what there is to do when stopping at the Pine Grove Villa, please click on the links below for a more in depth view on all the above mentioned.